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When it comes to life safety, there is no margin for error. That’s why our customers have been relying on American Security to protect their homes, businesses, and facilities since 1979...

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MGT Management utilizes American Security for our 2,000-unit portfolio. We’ve always been impressed with their technology and customer service, but the incident that occurred at one of our buildings recently is a great way for us to showcase their expertise and approach to business. We had a theft of a $2,000 coat from the package room.

MGT called American Security at around 9:00pm, and by 9:20pm we had a video of every person who walked in and out of the package room, a time-stamp from their key fobs, an analysis on what didn’t look right and what did, who went where after leaving the package room, etc…the list of what they provide is long.

When we had one tenant whose face was not clear, American Security searched other camera footage and angles to secure a clear picture of the tenant in question. The video technology was so clear that we were able to do the detective work for the NYPD. When the NYPD arrived, we were able to show the labels that were on the box when it was delivered by FedEx, and the same package the tenant was hiding under her coat when she walked out of the package room. American Security was able to identify on the camera a small section of the box sticking out about a couple of millimeters. They were then able to zoom and match that tiny portion of label sticking to the original package. The tenant who stole the package was in handcuffs within 20 minutes of the NYPD’s arrival. This is a great synopsis of why we utilize American Security for our portfolio.

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Comprehensive Security Solutions


The integrity of your home or business is of utmost importance. Our highly-trained operators rapidly handle fire, burglary, hold-up, environmental, or medical emergency alarm signals.

Secure Yourself with the Most-Trusted, Easy-To-Use Systems on the Market

The integrity of your home or business is of utmost importance. Highly trained operators rapidly handle fire, burglary, hold-up, low or high temperature, or medical emergency alarm signals. American Security’s 24/7/365 Central Station that is both UL listed and New York City Fire Department approved. Transmission technologies include digital, 900 mhz radio, cellular radio, and internet communication.

Central Station Monitoring

The integrity of your property is of utmost importance to us. Highly trained operators rapidly handle fire, burglary, and other alarm signals. American Security contracts with a Central Station that is both UL listed and New York City Fire Department approved.


American Security installs high quality systems using color digital cameras, and state-of-the-art digital video recorders. Storage can be a month or longer, with almost instantaneous retrieval.

Access Control

American Security offers a wide variety of access control solutions from proximity, biometric, fingerprint, to all-in-one smart-card readers. Systems can range from 1 to 65,000 users, and 1 to 1,000 doors.

Video Intercom Systems

From an office single station intercom to a 500 unit apartment house, American will install a high resolution video intercom system in an existing building or new construction.

Burglar Alarms

Break-ins happen every day, whether it be a retail store, office, home, warehouse or factory. A burglar alarm makes sense for any location, no matter what the size.

Telephone Entry Intercom Systems

Great for retrofits, this platform facilitates two-way voice communication and control of a main entry door through the resident’s own landline or cell phone.

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Fire Safety


Our staff of design engineers and fire consultants are experienced in all types of fire safety systems.

We’ll Keep You in Compliance with the NYC Fire Code

American Security employs professional capabilities, decades of experience and superior credentials to provide parts and smarts to turnkey, engineered fire systems from design to completion. Every phase of your project is handled by our factory trained technicians with certifications ranging from NYS licensing to NICET. We have been in Life Safety for nearly 40 years.

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Safe LobbyTM


Let Us Demonstrate how we can turn around the most challenging environments. With our Safe LobbyTM anti-loitering services, we will manage unwanted party-goers, illegal loitering and other activity.

Video Doorman Safe Lobby

Let Us Be Your Second Pair of Eyes With Safe Lobby

Video Doorman Safe Lobby provides interactive lobby surveillance for a safer building entrance.


VISIT SITE Our team visits your site to gain an in-depth understanding of which systems work best with your buildings.

CUSTOMIZED PLAN We create a unique proposal that is customized to your building’s exact needs

INSTALLATION Our team goes into overdrive to ensure that your new systems are up and running as soon as possible.

MONITORING American Security contracts with a 24/7/365 Central Station that is both UL listed and New York City Fire Department approved.

ORIENTATION & TRAINING We train everyone that will be operating the systems and educate the residents on how the new systems improve the safety of their home.

FOLLOW-UPWe maintain open communication and have on-site follow-ups to review statistics and recordings of interest as well as optimizing and re-calibrating the systems for maximum efficiency.

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Video Doorman


Video Doorman delivers "Doorman Services" at a fraction of the cost.

Video Doorman provides secure package delivery & more!

Video Doorman is a premier security service that gives tenants peace of mind with better building security, secure package delivery, package delivery notification, access to emergency services at the push of a button, access control security and more!

With Video Doorman, tenants have:

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Video as a service


Protect your business & your clients from fraudulent slip and fall insurance claims.

Video as a service

This innovative data storage solution is changing the face of archiving security surveillance data. No longer will you have to worry about your video surveillance being overwritten or lost due to lack of space.

Now, for as little as $8/month, you can back up your video for up to 3 years. Enjoy:

Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems


NYC Building Code requires an ARCS to be installed, tested, and maintained in all new and many recently renovated high-rise (75 feet or taller) buildings. Is your building in compliance?

ARCS Installation & Service

American Security is licensed and certified to provide turnkey ARCS and BDA system solutions to keep your building code-compliant, including:


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