American Security Systems | Employee Highlight | Maritza Gonzalez

Maritza Gonzalez, Life Safety System Designs,
American Security


At American Security, we know our people are our most valuable asset. Each month, we recognize a member of our team for their outstanding contributions to our organization with our American Security Employee Spotlight.
This month, we celebrate Maritza Gonzalez.

Maritza originally joined the team at American Security in 2016 [a]after 17 years of working in the music industry. Her partner had already been involved in the Security Industry, and, by chance, a friend passed along her resume. It was history from there.  Her work began with locks but the industry evolved into Video Doorman and that’s what she’s involved in now! [b]Currently, Maritza oversees the performance and growth of Life Safety System Designs where she works on client relations management. Coming from the music industry, Maritza took everything she learned from the industry about customers and inserted it into her current work at American Security. Maritza makes certain that all customer needs are met and all customer questions are answered. She keeps customers calm and assures them that they don’t have to worry.

Coming to American Security with no previous experience in the security industry, Maritza was expecting to just do paperwork but ended up learning the nuts and bolts of everything. She takes pride in her work and she owes it all to her colleagues. She says her mentor Shia Tauber, Life Safety Director, has a passion that continually inspires Maritza. “It’s a passion that is infectious, nurturing, and compelling – to love what you do and have pride and respect of why you do it and who you do it for,” she says of Shia’s passion. Maritza also gives credit to Michael Carter, a fire alarm veteran of over 20 years who has developed countless installers, technicians, and programmers in the fire industry. She says he continuously pours his knowledge and expertise into Maritza. She would like to thank her colleagues for training her when she first came on board and ensuring that she had a clear understanding of the the industry to help her succeed in her career. Maritza would also like to give credit to the American Security fire customers crew: Victoria Rivers, Rochelle Scott, and the newest team member, Jaivanni Warden. They continuously learn and educate customers as they are continuously put in positions that require their composure and professionalism to calm and educate customers regarding all FDNY related issues. Lastly, she would like to thank Sean O’Neill, Trudi Schlosberg, and Andrea Yearwood for seeing something in Maritza, despite no previous experience in the security industry on her resume.

Maritza’s favorite part about working at American Security is the learning and growth that comes along with everyday challenges. She says that everything is constantly growing and evolving and loves passing that on to customers. When not working, Maritza enjoys fishing. Her favorite leisurely activity is going to fishing parties on the weekend and making new friends! She’s also an avid reader. Her most loved authors are James Patterson and Dean Koontz – she’ll read anything by them.

“Everything is constantly growing and evolving.” – Maritza Gonzalez, Life Safety System Designs, American Security

A small tip for property owners? Maritza says to be conscious of workers working on repairs in your building – they can accidentally trigger fire alarms and you may just get an unexpected visit from the fire department. Unless you want the FDNY to come over for dinner, change your fire-alarm settings to “test” during these times! The fire alarm will still go off, but the fire department won’t be called.

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