2019’s 5 Safest Neighborhoods in NYC

New York City is the most beautiful city in the world. Though the city used to be not so safe, NYC has gone from being one of the most dangerous cities in America to becoming one of the most crime-free metropolises in the developed world.

That being said, it still isn’t the safest city in the world to live.

We consider these 5 neighborhoods to be some of the safest neighborhoods in NYC:


  • Windsor Terrace


This area is one of the best places to live in New York! Located right in between Green-Wood Cemetery and Prospect park in Brooklyn, this area is considered to be a slightly more affordable version of Park Slope.  This quaint (by NYC standards) and quiet neighborhood has a population of 17, 369.



  • Little Italy


Though quite busy with lots of trendy shops and bars, this little Manhattan neighborhood is actually pretty safe! The area gets its name from the 1800s, when thousands of immigrants from Naples and Sicily settled in and called it home. Stretching from Canal St to Houston St, between Lafayette St and the Bowery,  the italian presence is no longer so notable there. Still! The annual Feast of San Gennaro perseveres and you can see it every September.



  • Kew Gardens


Located in central Queens, Kew Gardens was one of seven planned garden communities built in Queens in the 1900s. This young neighborhood has a population of 22,541.  If you’re growing tired of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, the greenery and quiet of Kew Gardens may be a welcome change for you!



  • Borough Park


One of the larger neighborhoods on the list, Brooklyn’s Borough Park has a population of 167,858 people. About 80% of this neighborhood’s population is Hasidic Jewish!  A residential, very family friendly neighborhood, Borough Park is often referred to as the “Baby Boom capital” of NYC with more babies being delivered at the local hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, than any other hospital in New York City.



  • Dyker Heights


You may have heard of the Brooklyn neighborhood, Dyker Heights, for its elaborate Christmas lighting. Located deep in Brooklyn, between the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst, this residential area is also very safe! The area is affluent and homes are big and well-kept.


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