Essential Home Security Tips and Best Practices

It is never pleasant to consider, but a burglary takes place every 25.7 seconds. If we zoom out to the totality of the situation, the latest FBI burglary statistics estimate that there were 7,196,045 property crimes committed in 2018 and those victims suffered losses at an estimated $16.4 billion. Whether you have just moved into a new home or have been at your residence for many years, it is always a good idea to assess your home’s security and strive to make your home & family safer. Our security experts have put together 3 best practices to help secure your residence.

1. Lock Your Doors, Sliding Doors & Windows

This may be simple in concept, but to this day, about 30% of all burglars gain access to a dwelling through an unlocked entry point such a door, window, or balcony.  So whether you put a sticky note by the front door or set a reminder on your phone, lock all your doors and windows before leaving. A few other tips to enforce security around your main entry points are:

  • Install sensors for your sliding doors & windows
  • Go old school and secure your sliding glass door with a dowel 
  • Plant bushes under your first-floor windows 
  • Don’t forget the garage – install a home automation system and never leave the garage unlocked ever again

2. Set Up a Security System

A home is 33% less likely to be broken into if there is a visible home security system in place. To choose a system you feel comfortable with, evaluate the vulnerabilities in your home and neighborhood. Check out the latest crime statistics in your neighborhood or call your local police department and ask questions. When choosing your home security system, keep these factors in mind: 

  • Customer service and brand reputation
  • Extra monitoring capabilities like smoke and fire protection
  • Sensor capability for doors, windows, and other entryways
  • Does the system come with security cameras?
  • Does the company have access to 24/7/365 central station approved by the New York City Fire Department?  \

3. Secure Your Wifi

Having a cute Wi-Fi name like “ILoveMyWifi” is wonderful and may make your home feel cozy, but in this day and age, considering the technology and how connected everything is, you may be giving criminals direct access to your home. Here are a few tips to secure your Wi-Fi network from cybercriminals:

  • Enable Encryption and Two Factor Authentication 
  • Rename and hide your network 
  • Create passwords that are as strong as a fortress 
  • Use a firewall 

At American Security, we believe in keeping you, your property, and your family safe at every level. We offer advanced and customizable home security options from video surveillance to fire alarms and beyond. American Security is proud to be the New York area’s top choice for multi-tiered security since 1979. Give us a call today to speak with an expert and experience the American Security difference.Visit our website at or contact us to learn more about our solutions today.