Security Should Be a Design Requirement

Architects & Security Engineers can make the biggest impact on your building security objectives. If security is treated as one of the design requirements, much like fire safety, your building can benefit from a reduction of crime and improved quality of life for your residents. Big bonus; you can avoid future costs of expensive security system add-ons and adjustments. 

Aesthetics and security can and should go hand in hand. Intelligent use of security design presents two opportunities to not only enhance the look and feel of your building but also enforce building protection in a major way: access control and surveillance.  

Access Control

The main function of an access control strategy is to deny access to unauthorized persons and potential criminals. In today’s day and age, technology has made access control easier than ever with biometric-based systems or smart-card reader systems.  Making sure your lobby and your residents are safe starts in the design phase of your building.


By keeping surveillance in mind during the design phase of your residence or building, you can make the most optimal use of environmental features, such as landscaping, natural lighting, building features, and overall space layout. As a building manager, you know by now the importance of being able to keep an eye on things, even when you’re not physically there, especially while managing multiple buildings in your portfolio. 

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