Why Every Business Should Have A CCTV System

Want to protect your business? 

American Security’s Video Surveillance Can Help. 

At American Security, we believe you and your business can never be too safe. One of the most popular ways to control for potentially dangerous threats is by using CCTV,  or closed-circuit TV. CCTV is perhaps the most common technology businesses use to surveil their property. By using color digital cameras connected to digital video recorders, individuals and businesses alike can store images and video media instantly and retrieve them at any time and place.

There are three main ways CCTV can benefit your business:

  1. Protection

Video surveillance is a highly effective way to deter crime. 

Should a person or group try to cause harm to your business, the presence of surveillance systems may effectively dissuade criminals. 

Additionally, surveillance acts as a deterrent to theft or criminal activity happening in-house.  CCTV allows you to relocate items of value that go missing.

  1. Data Collection

CCTV may also be used for your business’s recordkeeping purposes. 

Video records and images of the premises is an excellent way to record who is entering your business and when. 

This is useful for Human Resources if logging systems go down, and even more useful in case video or image evidence needs to be provided to authorities.

  1. Remote Access

If your business is threatened on holidays or weekends, remote access CCTV allows you to quickly and efficiently alert authorities without ever putting yourself or your employees at risk. 

Additionally, CCTV allows your business to save costs associated with having an on-site guard. 

The benefits of remote access are especially relevant amidst the global pandemic. Remote access to your company’s premises is an excellent way to check in on your business while remaining socially distant.

Learn more about CCTV here.

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