How To Protect Your Home From A Burglary

Did you know burglaries peak during the holiday season?

This time of year, it’s more important than ever to stay vigilant of your home and your valuables. Here are some of the top ways you can protect your home from burglary:

  1. Don’t showcase your wealth too much.

Burglars often look through windows to get a feel for how many valuable things a homeowner or family may possess. Try to keep what’s inside your houses like televisions, toys, or other electronics private by utilizing curtains or window shades.

  1. Keep valuable items like jewelry, personal information, liquor, cash, prescription drugs, and expensive electronics in concealed or lockable places.

These are some of the most highly coveted items in a house break-in. Make sure to keep ultra-valuable things like jewelry and identification paperwork stored away in safes, and keep other valuable items like electronics, liquor, and cash in low-profile places.

  1. Don’t advertise when you’re leaving town to anyone except for those who are close to you.

Burglars often use social media to determine when a family may be out of town. To ensure outsiders have no clue when your house will be unattended, make sure not to advertise this information online.

  1. Know the signs.

Want to know if you’re being targeted? Keep an eye on your home’s surroundings. If something seems out of the ordinary or out of place, take note; burglars may be moving items in your front or backyard to use as a signal to indicate whether or not someone is home.

  1. Take preventative measures.

It may be in your best interest to invest in a home security system. Surveillance cameras for the outdoors and indoors can give you visibility and access to your home when you’re off-site. Owning a pet dog may also ward off any potential invaders!

Keep your home safe and enjoy the holidays this season by following these tips!

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