Fire Safety Tips for Fall

Fall has fallen! With the turn of the season, it is important to protect your family and property from all of the fire hazards associated with autumn. 

Here are some of American Security’s top fire safety tips for the fall:

  1. Be extra careful with your candles

Autumn is a great time to light up those pumpkin pie-fragranced candles! But, candles are some of the most frequent causes of house fires. This season, make sure to exercise caution with your candles by always setting them on sturdy surfaces away from other flammable objects, lighting them only when attended, and blowing them out when you leave the house. You can also consider flameless alternatives like oil diffusers and plugin fragrances for a fire-safe way to make your home smell festive.

  1. Check on your furnace

With cooler weather comes a cooler household. Before you start turning on the heat, make sure to call your heating company to do a regulatory check-up on your furnace. Any leaks or damages can put your house in danger!

  1. Make sure your smoke alarms are working properly

This year when you’re changing your clocks for Daylight Savings, make sure to also swap out the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. And don’t forget to check and replace your fire extinguishers if need be. 

  1. Exercise caution with your fireplace

Want to make your living room extra cozy by lighting up the fireplace? Make sure to exercise extra caution. Make sure your fireplace is contained and that no extraneous flammable materials are close by. Consider investing in a fire-smothering blanket in the event that a fire spreads. Never leave a lit fireplace unattended and double-check that the embers are completely extinguished before going to sleep.

  1. Don’t burn those leaves

Burning your raked leaves isn’t only a fire hazard, it’s potentially cancer-causing! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, burning fall leaves releases carcinogenic chemicals. If you do choose to burn your leaves, be sure to see that the weather is not too windy and can be done in a secure area away from a house or other flammable materials.

All in all, fall is a wonderful time to enjoy all things fragrant and festive, though it does come with its seasonal risks. At American Security, we believe there is no margin for error when it comes to life safety, so we highly recommend you take these fire prevention measures to enjoy a festive and fire-free fall!

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At American Security, we believe in keeping you, your business, and your family safe at every level. We are proud to be the New York area’s top choice for multi-tiered security since 1979. 

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How to Keep Your Property Safe This Halloween

Spooky season is here! Did you know that crime goes up by 50% on Halloween night?

It turns out that ghosts, ghouls, and goblins aren’t the only spooky things you need to look out for this festive time of year— you’ll also need to protect your home from vandalism, theft, and burglary.

Here’s a couple of tips to keep your property safe this Halloween:

  1. Set up surveillance around your home

If you don’t have it already, home security systems and cameras are some of the best ways to deter criminals from taking interest in your property. Before Halloween, make sure to see that your cameras are working and that they’re receiving unobstructed footage so that in the event of an attempt, you can have video footage of the crime. Check out American Security’s surveillance solutions here.

  1. Stay in

If you can, plan on staying home altogether. Your property is at a higher risk when no one is inside to safeguard it.

With someone home, the odds of a house break go down significantly, and if one still occurs— you’re there to report it immediately!

  1. Keep the lights on

Home or not, another excellent way to deter crime is by keeping the lights on! Burglars are less inclined to approach a house that looks currently occupied or lived-in. Find other ways to signify that the house is full of people, like leaving the TV on or playing music.

  1. Prepare for the worst

As the saying goes: “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” There’s nothing more spooky than being unprepared if the worst-case scenario pans out. Before Halloween, take small but effective measures to make your home an unappealing target for burglary. This means using several layers of protection, not just one. It starts with video surveillance, signs that indicate your property is monitored, or even ‘beware of dog’ signs. Who wants to invade a home with a furry alert system?

But don’t just stop there. Test your locks, put away your valuables, ask your neighbors to stay vigilant, and lock all points of entry that you might not usually do. If you have a garage, park your car inside of it for the night to keep it away from vandals and thieves.

All in all, Halloween is a fun and festive time of year that can be enjoyed anxiety-free if you take the right precautions to protect yourself and your property. If you want to explore more ways to keep your home safe, check out our security services here.

About American Security

At American Security, we believe in keeping you, your business, and your family safe at every level. We are proud to be the New York area’s top choice for multi-tiered security since 1979. 

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