Brian Brynolfson, Tech Manager,
American Security


At American Security, we know our people are our most valuable asset. Each month, we recognize a member of our team for their outstanding contributions to our organization with our American Security Employee Spotlight.

This month, we celebrate Brian Brynolfson.

Brian originally joined the team at American Security in 2012 after years of working in low voltage electric, security cameras and burglar alarms. He enjoyed his earlier work in the security industry but the challenge of fire drew him in, especially with the rules and regulations of New York City. When the opportunity to move to New York and work with American Security came up, he grabbed it!

Brian began his work at American Security as Field Supervisor for the fire division and is currently Tech Manager. Now, he works outside of the fields, manages employees from the job sites, and gets sites ready for inspection.

Coming to American Security, Brian says he has experienced a tremendous amount of growth. His favorite part about working at American Security is the immense opportunity to learn and grow at every corner.

“As far as you want to take yourself, you can do it.“

Brian Brynolfson, Tech Manager,
American Security

He would like to thank Mike Carter for training him when he first started out at the company.

A small tip for property owners? Brian says you need to stay in compliance – there’s no cutting corners when it comes to life safety! Spend the extra time and resources to ensure you have a proper alarm system in place.

If you’re trying to get into the profession yourself, Brian says it’s a good move.


“There’s no ceiling – you can keep going and studying and pushing yourself. Push yourself! This is a fast growing business that is only getting bigger – especially in New York.”

Brian Brynolfson, Tech Manager,
American Security


Thanks for reading this month’s American Security Employee Spotlight. Stay tuned for more.

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