5 Security Tips On How Building Owners Can Prepare Their Properties For Winter

Winter is coming… What does that mean for your building’s security?  As cooler weather approaches, it’s important to ensure your building and your tenants are prepared for the drop in temperatures.  When it comes to…

Thanksgiving Dinner Safety Tips

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires? According to the National Fire Protection Association, 1,630 home cooking fires were reported on Thanksgiving in 2018 alone! In most instances, the…

Fire Safety Tips for Fall

Fall has fallen! With the turn of the season, it is important to protect your family and property from all of the fire hazards associated with autumn.  Here are some of American Security’s top fire…

How to Keep Your Property Safe This Halloween

Spooky season is here! Did you know that crime goes up by 50% on Halloween night? It turns out that ghosts, ghouls, and goblins aren’t the only spooky things you need to look out for…

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