Top 3 Things Every Building Manager Should Know

If you’re a building manager, odds are you wear a lot of hats. While the job description itself is fairly straightforward, your day to day responsibilities are ever fluctuating. Not only is it your responsibility…

American Security’s ARCS Installation

Is Your Building in Compliance With the NYC Building Code?   American Security’s ARCS Installation Will Help Ensure It is.   In the event a catastrophe strikes, ensure that your building is code-compliant. An Auxiliary Radio Communication…

#BackUpYourVideo Protecting Residents and Yourself

Protect your tenants and investments with our Video as a Service solution.    A simple and effective way to make sure both residents of buildings as well as owners who are subject to potential fraudulent slip-and fall…

#GiveUsYourWorstBuilding Safe Lobby Challenge

Photo by Vivienne Gucwa You’re at dinner and the topic of discussion is a break-in that happened last week. Your friends are discussing general crime issues that this incident brings up, but for you it’s…

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