Fire Safety Tips for Fall

Fall has fallen! With the turn of the season, it is important to protect your family and property from all of the fire hazards associated with autumn.  Here are some of American Security’s top fire…

How to Keep Your Property Safe This Halloween

Spooky season is here! Did you know that crime goes up by 50% on Halloween night? It turns out that ghosts, ghouls, and goblins aren’t the only spooky things you need to look out for…

Checklist: How to Protect Your Home When You Return To The Office

As we get ready to return to normalcy and make our way back into the office, there is no better time to ensure our homes are secure and our families and valuables are protected.  If…

4 Important Fire Safety Measures For Apartment Buildings

Even though an apartment building and a private home have the same amount of risk of experiencing a fire, the apartment buildings’ proximity to each other makes fires much more dangerous. Fire, heat, and smoke…

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