As we get ready to return to normalcy and make our way back into the office, there is no better time to ensure our homes are secure and our families and valuables are protected. 

If you’ve been working from home for a while now, there is a good chance some of the habits you used to have to make sure your home is safe need some refreshing! We’ve provided a quick checklist to use before you leave home for work so you can have peace of mind while you sit through all of those in-person meetings we know you missed so much!

Going to Work Checklist:

In addition to reinforcing your daily security habits, we suggest that all home security measures are audited several times a year. (PRO TIP: A good time to do this is at the change of each season as many security measures are seasonal!)

We’ve also put together a comprehensive home security checklist to guide you in your preparations for making sure everything you care for is safe and secure.

Home Security Checklist:

  1. Exterior Doors
  1. Windows and Sliding Doors
  1. Outdoor Security
  1. Personal Property and Outdoor Valuables

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