In this changing world, it’s important to be proactive and know how to keep your building safe in the event of an active shooter situation.

Active shooter training is becoming a regular part of the life safety training given to corporate and government employees, tenants in buildings, and schools. In New York City, all high-rise office buildings are required to have Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans and regular drills. Stay prepared and stay safe. As a building manager, you’re not going to want to risk what can happen if you’re not careful – follow our tips to keeping your building safe if there is ever an active shooter in your building.

Here’s how to keep your building’s residents protected in the event of an active shooter situation:

NYC’s official active shooter protocol is the following – Avoid. Barricade. And if absolutely necessary, though this is rarely necessary if you do A and B…confront. In other words – run. If you can’t run, hide, and if you can’t hide…fight.

When fleeing an active shooter, your tenants will need to be aware of all building exits and the fastest way to get to those exits. This is why drills are important. Keep in mind that in an active shooter situation, most people won’t want to leave because 1) they’re paralyzed by fear, 2) they’ve let the normalcy bias take over (those aren’t gunshots – fireworks, maybe?), or 3) they think hiding should be their first course of action. Running, with hands visibly in the air for any law enforcement on premises, is the most important line of action and tenants should be trained to do so with regular drills.

Once safe, tenants must call 911 without assuming somebody else already has.

However, in the event that tenants are not able to escape, they will need to barricade themselves in a secure location from the shooter. A locked door is the most effective way of barricading yourself from an active shooter.  Active shooters look for easy victims and rarely attempt to penetrate a locked door. Advise tenants to turn lights off and put phones on silent so as to not draw any attention to their location.

Keep your building protected with the following tools:

Stay safe, New York. Avoid. Barricade. Confront.

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