After spending decades in the commercial and facility security field, we’ve pretty much seen all the tactics home invaders utilize time and time again to break into their unsuspecting victim’s buildings and apartments. Home invasion is a serious crime – is your building protected?

Protect your home and buildings from invaders by running through this checklist. By following these guidelines, you’ll make your building – and your tenant’s belongings – less appealing to thieves.

  1. Trim the shrubbery around your building to remove potential hiding spots for invaders.
  2. Keep the outside of your apartment building well-lit and visible to neighbors, cameras, and patrolling officers.
  3. If your property is walled, be sure to install cameras to identify visitors. Install the same for your lobby.
  4. Be sure that everyone living in the building knows how to summon emergency security personnel, as well as how to trigger your security system to send out an alert.
  5. Test your security system regularly to ensure it will still communicate with the central monitoring station in an emergency.
  6. Keep your facility’s garage, shed, back house, etc. locked at all times – intruders can access items easily from unlocked units.
  7. Security gates/chain locks should always be used as they don’t break easily.
  8. Lock the internal doors of rooms not being used at night.
  9. Activate the alarms of the rooms not in use for the evening.

Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any additional questions about building security! Our innovative  and interactive security systems, such as Safe Lobby and Video Doorman, grant you and your loved ones peace of mind. Find out more on the site.

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