How The Pandemic Has Affected Crime Rates In New York City

Many people dream of living in New York City to follow their passions and life desires, but if you’ve lived in the city, you know it’s not all about the bright lights and glam. Behind the hustle and bustle and exhilarating city life, New York has been suffering from an uptick in crime rates amid the pandemic. 

The already stressed criminal justice system struggled to keep up with the spike in violent crime brought on by the pandemic’s societal upheaval. Authorities state that the surge in homicides and a pandemic has helped fuel violence in the city. 

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The increase in violence began shortly after the pandemic started in 2020 disrupting life and closing businesses, and it peaked this summer, with the city recording an average of 57 murders each month in July, August, and September. 

In 2019, each of those months saw an average of 33 homicides. (AP News).

In April 2021, in a report released by the NYPD, there was an increase of 30% in crime rates compared to April 2020. With this increase in crime, many tourists are taking New York City off of their travel bucket lists. One visitor says “We were literally scared that we were gonna get robbed because it’s only me and her”. (News 10

The increase in overall violence is similar to trends seen in several major U.S. cities, where shootings and homicides have increased while other crimes have decreased due to the pandemic. 

Chuck Wexler, the executive director of the nonprofit Police Executive Research Forum said “We’ve never had a year like this in policing when you’ve had a combination of a worldwide health epidemic and a challenge to community trust. That has been a combustible mixture. And the police in many ways were not prepared.”

The pandemic has brought one of the toughest years for many people in the world between losing loved ones to the merciless pandemic and being victims of violent crimes. 

The question is, what will the city of New York be doing to protect our boroughs and communities in the upcoming year? 

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Hidden Threats to Building Security

As technology continues to progress at an unprecedented speed, possible threats to building security are becoming harder to detect using traditional security methods. As building managers, conducting internal risk assessments is an integral part of the job. However, due to technological advancements, there may be some cyber-security threats that until now have been off your radar. Security should not be left behind as increased complexity also means new threats and risks.  At American Security, our goal is to keep your building safe and secure from all threats, cyber and otherwise. While around the clock cyber security is a full time job, it is vital to be aware of how your building might be uniquely vulnerable. Below, we’ve included the top hidden threats to building security so you can stay one step ahead.

1. Integrating Technology Safely

‘Smart buildings’ are becoming more and more common, resulting in easier access to key information, seamless communication between building management and tenants, and even remote doormen. However, whenever technology is integrated, with it comes the risk of it being compromised. Primarily, the risk of sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands. Instead of attempting to integrate smart software on your own using multiple different platforms, use one trusted company to not only recommend and install custom smart technology, but also to remotely monitor your building 24/7 to keep you and your tenants 100% protected, 100% of the time.

2. Multi-Layered Protection

Gone are the days where a simple password is good enough to protect you and your data from potential cyber threats. Consider cloud-based security solutions that are not only monitored digitally by security professionals, but sync all your systems together, allowing you to protect your valuable data and resources in what is essentially a virtual bank vault. Depending on the type of building you manage, you should be aware specifically of what cyber thieves might be after. If your tenants are business based, digital criminals will be looking to access sensitive, proprietary information, or remotely install malware for various ill-intentioned purposes. To mitigate this risk, consider speaking with your tenants to learn how they are currently protecting their businesses digitally, and work with a professional security company to conduct an internal risk assessment to make sure everything is as secure as possible. If the building you manage is residential, cyber criminals will most likely be looking to access information related to specific identities, like credit card information or passwords. You can help protect your residents from potential identity theft by making sure you have systems in place that add an extra layer of protection in addition to whatever methods your tenants are already using. In both cases, open a dialogue to discuss concerns and potential solutions to stay ahead of the game.

3. Building Access

As many buildings continue to invest in more modern methods to allow residents and visitors to gain entry to a property, for example remote security products like the Ring doorbell or even more benign virtual assistants such as Alexa, the potential risk evolves as well. These systems can lull us into a false sense of security, but they are by no means fool proof. A savvy hacker with the right information would potentially be able to gain remote or even in-person access to a property, without you or your tenants being any the wiser. For example, a clever and ill-intentioned cyber criminal might tap into a camera feed to see if a tenant is home before attempting a robbery. Just recently, Buick debuted a commercial in which a homeowner used their virtual assistant Alexa to start their car and unlock the doors remotely. While this level of convenience and automation is impressive, it also presents a security risk that digitally inclined thieves could take advantage of. Since almost all of these devices work through Wifi, as the building manager you can help protect your residents from such situations by making sure your buildings digital security solutions are air-tight. 

At American Security, we believe in keeping you, your property, and your business safe at every level. We offer advanced and customizable security options from video surveillance to fire alarms and beyond. American Security is proud to be the New York area’s top choice for multi-tiered security since 1979. Give us a call today to speak with an expert and experience the American Security difference.Visit our website at or contact us to learn more about our solutions today.

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