Top 3 Things Every Building Manager Should Know

If you’re a building manager, odds are you wear a lot of hats. While the job description itself is fairly straightforward, your day to day responsibilities are ever fluctuating. Not only is it your responsibility to look after the building itself, but when issues arise, you are the first point of contact for tenants and landlords alike. From conflict resolution to maintenance repairs, good building managers are able to shift focus and priorities quickly and effectively. We’ve gathered the top 3 things every building manager should know to make your difficult job just a little bit easier. 

1. Communication is Key

A huge part of a building manager’s job involves communicating with people on a daily basis. Whether it’s tenants, landlords, or other professionals, knowing how to properly communicate and interact with people is key to making your job run more smoothly. The building you manage is an integral part of your tenant’s lives. That’s where they sleep, raise their families, and sometimes even work. When something goes wrong, as the building manager you are the first point of contact for them. As such, you may often get the brunt of people’s frustration and maybe even anger when there is an urgent matter they would like fixed. It’s important to remember not to take it personally. Their frustration is most likely with the issue itself, not with you. By remaining calm, cool, and collected, you can ensure that everyone feels heard and understood while assuring them that you are on their side and will work with them to get the problem resolved in a timely and effective manner.

2. Building a Network

Things break, that’s just a fact of life. When the AC stops working or the pipes decide to leak, you may find yourself scrambling to find someone to come fix it as soon as possible. This can be tricky in and of itself, depending on the time and situation regarding the issue. By building a network of professionals you trust and have communicated with beforehand, you can help make your job easier if, and when, things go wrong. Take the time to interview and vet professionals ahead of time in a variety of different areas, from plumbers to electricians. Ask them how much notice they need, if they are willing to come out on nights, weekends, or holidays, and what their fees will be. Next time something goes wrong, you’ll know exactly who to call, how much it will cost, and what the timing will be. This is information that you can pass along to your tenants and landlord, to assure them you have it all under control.

3. Surveillance in Advance

Unfortunately, video surveillance and alarm systems are one of those things that you don’t realize you need until it’s often too late.  American Security offers an array of top-notch security systems, from fire alarms to video surveillance, burglar alarms, video intercom systems, and more. If there is one thing tenants, landlords, and building managers can agree on, it’s that security and protection are of the utmost importance.  At American Security, we are the industry experts when it comes to protecting homes and businesses in New York City and the surrounding area. We customize each plan to fit exactly what your unique building needs. By partnering with American Security, you can have peace of mind knowing that your building is safe and secure.  

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American Security’s ARCS Installation

Is Your Building in Compliance With the NYC Building Code?  

American Security’s ARCS Installation Will Help Ensure It is.  

In the event a catastrophe strikes, ensure that your building is code-compliant. An Auxiliary Radio Communication System (ARCS) Instillation from American Security will help you do just that!  

What is an Auxiliary Radio Communication System (“ARCS”)?

An ARCS is a code-driven, life-safety system consisting of a network of distributed antennae that enable first responders to communicate reliably from any location within a building.  

As a key component to in-building life safety operations, ARCS is designed for durability and survivability to provide continued operational use under extreme conditions.  

ARCS systems, in conjunction with fire alarm systems, protect New York’s bravest while they risk everything to protect us. 

Do I need an ARCS in my building?

NYC Building Code requires an ARCS to be installed, tested, and maintained in all new and many recently renovated high-rise (75 feet or taller) buildings.  Additional regulatory requirements for ARCS and Bi-Directional Amplifier (“BDA”) systems (outside NYC) include the International Fire Code (IFC – Section 510),NFPA 1221 (2016 Edition), NFPA 72 (2013, 2010 Edition), and IBC Section 916 (2015 Edition), IBC Section 915 (2012 Edition). 

What are the ongoing requirements for maintaining ARCS?

Fire Department rules set forth standards and requirements for daily inspection, annual certification, and five-year recertification of ARCS systems.  FDNY requires that the testing of ARCS be supervised by a professional possessing both FDNY and United States Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) licenses.

American Security is licensed and certified to provide turnkey ARCS and BDA system solutions to keep your building code-compliant, including:

  • System Design
  • Filing, certification, and permitting
  • Installation
  • Testing, Commissioning, and FDNY Inspection
  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance, including annual and five-year certifications

Keeping up to date with changing codes and rules can be tricky. Consolidating services with the right vendor helps ensure required inspection, maintenance, and testing requirements are met. It prevents you from fines that could result if you get caught off-guard with an unannounced fire department inspection.

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American Security’s professionals will train your staff on how to effectively use their systems, keeping them prepared if the unthinkable happens.

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#BackUpYourVideo Protecting Residents and Yourself

Protect your tenants and investments with our Video as a Service solution.   

A simple and effective way to make sure both residents of buildings as well as owners who are subject to potential fraudulent slip-and fall claims is to ensure you always have a video backup.  American Security offers 24/7 CCTV surveillance systems which utilize color digital cameras, and state-of-the-art digital video recorders that will provide you with all the legal back-up you could need.  

What sets us apart from other security companies? 

These days many properties are equipped with surveillance cameras, but the problem lies within video storage. Specifically, where video is stored and for what duration. No one can predict exactly when they’ll need to pull their security footage and storage capacity is limited to less than 30 days.  American Security offers an innovative data storage solution that is changing the face of archiving security surveillance data. No longer will you have to worry about your video surveillance being overwritten or lost due to lack of space. Now, for as little as $8/month, you can back up your video for up to 3 years. 

Our company will visit your site, assess the situation based on what is necessary, install the equipment, monitor your properties, train building managers on how our systems operate and follow up periodically to keep your plan current and efficient. This tried and true method is what has kept our clients happy since 1979. 


Let us demonstrate how we can turn around the most challenging environments. 

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Is your NYC building prepared for an active shooter situation? Protect yourself.

In this changing world, it’s important to be proactive and know how to keep your building safe in the event of an active shooter situation.

Active shooter training is becoming a regular part of the life safety training given to corporate and government employees, tenants in buildings, and schools. In New York City, all high-rise office buildings are required to have Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plans and regular drills. Stay prepared and stay safe. As a building manager, you’re not going to want to risk what can happen if you’re not careful – follow our tips to keeping your building safe if there is ever an active shooter in your building.

Here’s how to keep your building’s residents protected in the event of an active shooter situation:

NYC’s official active shooter protocol is the following – Avoid. Barricade. And if absolutely necessary, though this is rarely necessary if you do A and B…confront. In other words – run. If you can’t run, hide, and if you can’t hide…fight.

When fleeing an active shooter, your tenants will need to be aware of all building exits and the fastest way to get to those exits. This is why drills are important. Keep in mind that in an active shooter situation, most people won’t want to leave because 1) they’re paralyzed by fear, 2) they’ve let the normalcy bias take over (those aren’t gunshots – fireworks, maybe?), or 3) they think hiding should be their first course of action. Running, with hands visibly in the air for any law enforcement on premises, is the most important line of action and tenants should be trained to do so with regular drills.

Once safe, tenants must call 911 without assuming somebody else already has.

However, in the event that tenants are not able to escape, they will need to barricade themselves in a secure location from the shooter. A locked door is the most effective way of barricading yourself from an active shooter.  Active shooters look for easy victims and rarely attempt to penetrate a locked door. Advise tenants to turn lights off and put phones on silent so as to not draw any attention to their location.

Keep your building protected with the following tools:

  • Burglar Alarms: Do you have burglar alarms installed? A burglar alarm makes sense for any location, no matter what the size and can be life-saving in a critical time like this one.
  • Proper Access Control: The number 1 deterrent to an active shooter is simple – a locked door. Active shooters will rarely go out of their way to break a door in, they will simply move on. Lock your doors! American Security offers a wide variety of access control solutions from proximity, biometric, fingerprint, to all-in-one smart-card readers. Systems can range from 1 to 65,000 users, and 1 to 1,000 doors.
  • Central Station Monitoring: Make sure your security provider offers central station monitoring. Highly trained operators rapidly handle fire, burglary, and other alarm signals with our central station monitoring. American Security contracts with a Central Station that is both UL listed and New York City Fire Department approved.

Stay safe, New York. Avoid. Barricade. Confront.

Is your building covered? It is if you’re with American Security – #WeHaveYouCovered.

When it comes to life safety, there is no margin for error. That’s why our customers have been relying on American Security to protect their homes, businesses, and facilities since 1979. We have been installing monitoring and maintaining security, fire and interactive video systems throughout the tristate area and specialize in commercial and multi-family housing applications.

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