7 Tips to Keep Halloween Extra Safe this Year

In honor of October being Fire Prevention Month, the team at American Security is giving you our top tips for fire and Halloween safety to ensure you and your family are extra safe this year. 

  1. Shop for Halloween costumes that cover the face and are flame-resistant.

Now that masks are the new normal, it is more opportune than ever to wear a Halloween costume that includes a mask or face covering. 

Additionally, we recommend that individuals shop for costumes and accessories that are flame-resistant, to prevent them from catching fire during this season when candles, fireplaces, and heaters are used more often.

  1. Make sure your fire and carbon monoxide detectors have fresh batteries.

In the event of a fire, you want to be sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly. Prevention is extremely important for safety!

  1. Don’t let young children handle sharp appliances when carving pumpkins.

Keep this fun and festive activity extra safe by ensuring any sharp pumpkin-carving tools are out of reach from young children. Children can outline their designs with markers, and leave the carving to an adult!

  1. Opt for an electric candle. If using a real candle, make sure it’s on a sturdy, uncluttered surface.

Everybody loves lighting a pumpkin spice scented candle during the fall season, but candles cause over 15,000 house fires every year. To be extra safe, consider using a battery-powered candle instead. If not, make sure your candle is placed on a steady and tidy surface where it’s unlikely to tip over and set other materials aflame.

  1. Vet your child’s costume for sharp or cumbersome objects.

Swords, canes, and sticks that come with many conventional Halloween costumes may pose a hazard to children. Make sure any accessorizing objects to a child’s costume aren’t too sharp or too long, in case they stumble or trip when walking around with it.

  1. Keep any open flames at least 3 feet away from a heat-producing device.

For optimal fire safety, it is recommended to keep any candles or open flames at least 3 feet away from a heat-producing appliance like a furnace, fireplace, or space heater.

  1. Avoid candles if oxygen is used in the household.

Oxygen administered for medical purposes is a dangerous fire hazard since oxygen can feed a fire. If oxygen is used by a member of your household, we advise avoiding candles altogether.

Use these safety tips for a fun and safe Halloween this season! 

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3 Ways Video Security Can Keep You Safe & Healthy During the Pandemic

Want to reduce your chances of getting sick this season? 

American Security’s Video Doorman and Video Surveillance Can Help. 

Here are 3 ways video surveillance and video doorman can help you and your family stay safe and healthy during the pandemic. 

1. Ensure Contactless delivery 

With social distancing orders in place around the world, delivery orders have drastically increased. But even having your household items and groceries delivered comes at a risk. 

Your carrier may be friendly but in times like these, it’s best to take caution. With delivery people taking

Using a virtual doorman ensures all your deliveries are truly contactless which can help reduce your exposure to unwanted germs. 

2. Monitor Your Business or Property 

Working remotely? 

Millions of people are working from home due to the pandemic. Many of them have no way to monitor their business or facility without physically going to the location – putting themselves and others at risk. 

Video surveillance and Virtual Doorman makes it easy for you to monitor your property as much as you want throughout the day without putting yourself and others in harm’s way. 

3. Know who’s knocking

Robberies happen. By knowing who’s knocking at your door before answering, you can keep you and your family safe from burglars entering your home. 

We urge everyone to support a healthy community by working from home if possible. If you are interested in adding aspects to your home to help support social distancing, American Security provides solutions to help protect your family and peace of mind during this challenging time.

At American Security, we believe in keeping you, your property, and your family safe at every level. We offer advanced and customizable home security options from video surveillance to fire alarms and beyond. American Security is proud to be the New York area’s top choice for multi-tiered security since 1979. Give us a call today to speak with an expert and experience the American Security difference.Visit our website at www.americansecurity.com or contact us to learn more about our solutions today.